How big are your underwear

Man puts out fire with aunt’s XL undies


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Went for a massage (CLEAN!!) today. I’ve noticed many massage joints opened, offering CLEAN massages, nothing erotic just a massage.

The place I went today, I’ve been going to regularly for the past 2 months, trying to iron out my back pain. The place takes insurance and is cheap.

I reached early my appointment and sat down till I was called. While waiting a lady came in, also early for her appointment. She sat down next to me and it hit me like an anvil dropping from the sky.. her body odor, stench of rotting fish hit me. I was gasping for air, dying. I couldn’t move, all other spaces were filled. I covered my nose with my shirt and covered my face with the magazine I was reading so the lady wouldn’t get offended.

One of the other waiting patients got up and I immediately moved over to free chair. I didn’t notice but she had dozed off while waiting and soon after I was called for my massage.

Finally, clean air…

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weird brands

Saw this on a backpack while I went for a hike. I managed to sneak a pic of without the lady carrying the bag noticing.

from a backpack

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mental block

I’m attempting to write the fantasies I use to jerk off on here.

I get stuck. I can jerk off and fantasize at the same time but my hands don’t move just as fast when typing instead of pumping my cock.

help… to those who write erotica… how do I get over this?

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Yahoo Japan

Yahoo Japan… probably the last undiscovered chat space still untouched by bots.

Today I had the day off. Nothing to do I was sitting in front of my computer, surfing the net. After getting the usual dose of porn from the usual sites I started to chat on yahoo japan.

Yahoo Japan still has user defined rooms, individuals can make their own chat rooms. Yahoo America does not allow this anymore and the rooms in the various sub-categories of the Adult category are filled with bots typing the same lines over and over.

I normally look for small rooms where the log is moving (text chat) and there is someone chatting by voice. Although I can read and write Japanese, I can read as fast as native speaker and its easier to keep up with someone reading the log. I was fortunate to find a room like this today in the afternoon. I came in at the right time. The owner of the room was having trouble getting someone to leave and decided to start a “secure” room (i.e. only for the invited) for everyone who was already in the room except for the one person. I thought I was going to be left out since I just entered but the owner was nice to extend me an invitation.

After everyone moved over, I introduced myself. They were 7 of us including myself. It seemed the other 6 knew each other from before as regular chatters in the room we were just in. I was the newbie and lucky me the owner had seen me around the chatrooms so I wasn’t a total stranger to her, just to the others. We were chatting away, about nothing in particular. During which, I mentioned I was a foreigner. They were all surprised at my fluent chatting skills, and asked me the standard questions (i.e. where I was from, how I long I was in japan…) I was getting a little bored but I stuck it out. I asked if I can turn on my cam. I was the only male still chatting with 3 other women and they all said no cock only face. I agreed to turn on my cam if everyone else showed their face too. They agreed and my cam was on. They were shocked to see that I was really a foreigner. I got comments, like I looked a oil baron (I think indirectly middle eastern) or someone from the Beatles (I don’t know who but I think because I have sideburns). The owner didn’t have a cam but posted her picture on her profile page. She was older and cut, definitely fuckable if she close to where I lived. I got bored having the cam showing my face and I moved without realizing I was showing my groin area. They were all shocked, I apologized and turned off the cam. Later, the room closed with the owner having to get back to her house work.

After the room closed one of the women who was watching me sent me a PM saying thank you. We kept on chatting and I told her I was a pervert. I like to show my cock on cam but couldn’t earlier. I checked her profile page and saw she had a picture of her naked back. I was impressed and told her so. She was happy that I was turned on. She started her own room and invited me in. We kept chatting and she kept telling me to voice with her as it was earlier for me to speak than to type. Her room was set to “secure” so that you had to be invited to enter. I plugged in mic and we were chatting. As she had a naked picture on her profile page, I asked if she had more. She did but typically Yahoo, she had problems sending them so she started to upload the pics on her profile page. By this time, i was rock hard, panting like a dog looking at her naked pictures. She heard me panting and reminded that we were in a secure room. I understood the hint and turned on my cam.

The cam was already pointing to my groin. I was squeezing my dick and she saw me doing so. I asked her permission if I could show my cock and she was all for it. I slowly lowered my zipper and showed her my boxers and the tent. From what I heard she was enjoying so far. Encourage, I pulled off my jeans and boxers and showed her my full blown erection. She was IMPRESSED. She said I was big, boosting my ego. I was happy that she was happy. She then turned on her cam. She was wearing a pink camisole. I slowly stroked my cock, talking dirty to her. Her straps were falling off, and told her they were. She was playing stupid, but the straps did fall off showing her breasts. She was a little on the chubby side and her breasts were a little small. She brought her breasts together, shaking them in front of the cam. I was already rock hard, panting and talking at the same time. She kept teasing me with her breast, shaking them and talking dirty. I was jerking my cock slowly, enjoying the show.

She then showed her lower half of her face, showing her lips and tongue, telling me the longer she looked at my cock the more she wanted to suck and lick it. As she was telling me this, she was showing her smallish mouth slightly opened with her tongue rolling around her lips.

We kept talking dirty. It seemed got dressed just to get on cam. She was a nudist at home but didn’t want to surprise me by coming on cam showing her ugly naked body on cam. I said she was not ugly and she should show herself completely. I was trying hard to see her naked but she didn’t show anything more than her breasts. Although I could feel my cum rising my wrist was starting to hurt. It was a little chilly and my cock was not responding to my stroking. She noticed that my cock was going soft. I could hear it in her voice that I she was upset that she wasn’t going to see me cum. I had to end it.

I let go of my cock and it went limp. She was still on cam with her naked breasts but after i had gone back to normal, her cam went off. I apologized for the poor performance, blaming the weather. She was fine but again I heard it in her voice that she was disappointed. We agreed to do this again and left….

Since then, I had tried to start camming with her again. She had her own chatroom in yahoo with her regulars. She sent me a few PM offline telling me to behave and none of her regulars knows she does cyber-sex. She does talk naughty but that was it, nothing more. I was being an ass in her room. She was going to move in with her boyfriend and I was depressed that I couldn’t cyber with anymore. I was being an ass and a dick about it. I finally found a female with a cam AND a mic that was bigger pervert than I am and she’s moving in with her boyfriend…. just my luck

I still have her pictures she uploaded on her profile page to share with me. I’ll be using those to get off.

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After the workout…

First of… I AM NOT GAY… bi-curious maybe but not gay

I went to the gym today. As usual I did my workout and when finished I headed to the changing rooms. I got to my locker and stripped off my clothes, took bath towel, amenities and went for my shower. I noticed there was a guy stripping his clothes off. He already topless, with an impressive chest, but wearing his jeans. I guessed he just got in and was changing into his workout gear.

I went in to the shower room. My gym has a steam room, shower stalls, bathtub and a sitting area where people can sit on short stools with a mirror in front of them. There are no walls between them and often you get men sitting next to each other having a conversation while washing themselves.

I sat down in one of the stools, rinsed the area once with the shower and sat down. Soon after, I noticed the guy (lockerguy) I saw earlier around my locker and come in. Not unusual for people to come to the gym to shower only without a workout. He left a space between himself and me. He just had a small hand towel. I didn’t immediately sit down on the stool, he reached down, turned on the shower. The shower head is a little low so that when sitting down, it would be easier to get a hold of. When he turned on the shower, the shower sprayed directly on to his cock. As the shower sprayed he gave his balls a quick rub and wash, while looking over to where I was. He then sat down on the stool and started to wash his hair. Another man sat next to me, I recognized him from the swimming pools. We talked a little while he washed himself and me shaving. Lockerguy finished washing himself and stood up. Again he reached down, turned on the shower allowing it to spray on his cock while he gave it a few tugs. He stood up while I was still soaping myself and sat on the edge of the bathtub. I could see from the corner of my eye that he was looking back. Soon, the older man next to me got up and left, and I was alone washing myself. By this time, lockerguy had waded in the bathtub on to the other side, still half in. He had his cock exposed but he covered himself. I finished washing myself and was ready to soak. I could see him looking at me walking towards the bathtub. I squatted outside the bathtub, splashed buckets of hot water on me and stepped in. As I lowered myself down he did too. I was enjoying the warm water but sensed he was still looking at me. By this time another guy was in the bathtub (its a big bathtub, I think 8 guys can sit comfortable), in between us. He took got up and left leaving us just us. In one section of the bathtub, there are jacuzzi bubbles and lockerguy was sitting there. He had stepped out of the bathtub and I wanted bubbles and slide over. He gone in to the shower booths. I was enjoying my bubbles when emerged again. This time he walked in and sat right next to me. We weren’t shoulder to shoulder touching, but close enough. I had my hands underwater, under my knees. I kept still, avoiding the even the slight brush of his skin, giving him the wrong impression. He got up and moved across to the edge of the bathtub. I could see his cock. I was impressed at his length and girth, very unlike Japanese. He just sat there, looking dazed. It was time for me to get going and I went to the shower stall to rinse off the bath water. As I got up I walked right by him, his face inches from my cock. It was blatant obvious he was staring at my cock, twisting his head as I walked by. I got in the far end of the shower stall (no curtains) and sure enough he followed me, taking the opposite shower stall. He was checked that I was in showering, and went in his. I started to shower first facing away from him, towards the wall. I put my head under the shower, I could look back and see he too was facing the wall. He has a smooth ass, his arms between his legs, moving. With the walls of the stalls giving him a little privacy to rub his dick. I turned around, with my ass on the tap allowing the water to cascade down my head and chest, I could see he was focused on my cock, he was still facing the wall but his neck twisted back looking at my cock.

I was confused. My cock was twitching from semi-hard to flaccid, I was scared to walk out of the stalls with a full blown erection and make everyone else upset. I let him enjoy looking at my cock, pretending to be unaware of his arm movements.

I got out of the showers and dried myself. Lockerguy followed me out, standing next to me as he wiped himself down. I tried to look away from him. I was standing in the vanity area with my towel wrapped around my waist. I was drying my hair he came in but quickly left. Maybe he realized he was being too obvious going after my cock.

I walked out to my locker and got changed into my clothes. He was still there, a few lockers down. He had the gym towel, guessing he came just to shower and not work out. He kept glancing towards me and I didn’t know what to do. I finally made way out of the gym and he did not follow me out.

After I left I started to wonder if I was a little more bolder. When I was in the shower, while he was jerking off with his back twisted so he look at my cock, what if I gave my cock a few tugs just to get it hard. Would he been happier? Would we have cummed? Did he have the courage to walk into my shower and suck my dick? Of course this is all my imagination running wild.

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watching Japanese women

The last frontier… Yahoo Japan.

Where users still can create their own rooms, where non-Yahoo software can be used to access yahoo rooms.

Last Sunday afternoon, with nothing else to do, I was surfing the rooms when I cam across user-created room. The owner was chatting with one regular female listening, and typing her responses. They seemed to know well, when I joined in. I introduced myself and they let me join in the conversation. Nothing x-rated, just a normal conversation. When I said I was an American, both were surprised that I was able to use Kanji (Chinese characters). We got to know each other well, I voiced and cammed with them, showing each other face. The female is a pervert who likes to cam naked of herself on Saturday nights. I had missed her show the night earlier and they were talking about her dildo and pussy. Extremely fascinated, I bookmarked the owner’s Yahoo profile so I can “step on” him. Stepping on is term used in Yahoo Japan to describe finding someone by the user name.

Yesterday night, with nothing interesting on T.V, I got on to Yahoo chat. I was randomly going in and out of room when I decided to step on the owner I had met on Sunday. Luckily we was on and had his room opened. He remembered who I was and introduced me to the others in the room. There was one other female who had her cam on. The owner remembered that I was a normal person, chatted politely and told the female (not the same one I had met on Sunday) to give me permission to watch her cam. She came on and she was a normal looking lady. She had a long black t-shirt and strip pants, looking like she was ready for bed.

The owner said to her to “properly” invite me. I didn’t know what he meant, but she stood up and pulled off her pants. She was wearing a pair of black g-strings. I got a little aroused. I thought that was it but she pulled off her G-strings too showing all her buttocks. I thanked her for the proper invite and complemented on her nice round, firm ass. She pulled them after giving me a good long look.

The conversation continued and I got curious; why only ass not pussy or tits. I asked the question and I found out she wasn’t female but female wannabe. I didn’t get sick, but slightly impressed at how she/he fooled me in thinking she was a he. Lately on Japanese T.V. there have been a bunch of these female wannabes coming on. [It would take another blog entry to explain Japanese T.V.]

I thanked everyone for the nice time and went to bed. My arousal had subsided and I went to bed without jerking off.

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